To be announced

The Prince of Peace Annual SpringFest will be held at a later date, yet to be determined. Planning for the SpringFest Raffle & Silent Auction is still underway. 

The Signup Genius is up and running and ready to have you sign up for your favorite area to help. The LINK is:


SpringFest Tickets (Fast Pass Dinner Tickets, Prize Drawing Tickets, Quilt Drawing Tickets) will be available for purchase during the Lenten Fish Fries at the Old Town Hall. Tickets are also available at the Parish Office.

2020 SpringFest Prizes

2020 SpringFest Prizes

God's Garden

items needed!

“The Flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land” 

-Song of Solomon 2:1

Spring is almost here! Do you have some plants that you could divide and donate to God’s Garden? You could also help by donating items from the list below or create a garden gift basket. Please determine a price for your item and, if possible, include a related Bible verse. Bring to KCHS on Saturday, March 28 from 8-12. Contact Jill Williams at (812)457-1393 or Sally Slama at (605)661-7633 if you have questions or need assistance delivering your donation. 

New or Divided Plants

Divided hostas, iris, daisies, day lilies, etc. from you garden

Bedding plants, trees, flowers, or hanging baskets



Seed packets of vegetables, flowers, or herbs

Plants from the Bible: aloe, lilies, lily of the valley, burning bushes, herbs, rose bushes, palms, or olive trees

Garden Tools

Clippers, trimmers, watering cans, gloves, kneelers, hoses, composting containers, wheelbarrows, yard carts, tilling services.

Garden Art

Statues, pots, windsocks, flags, gazing balls, lanterns, candles, wind chimes

Garden and Patio Furniture

Tables, chairs, hammocks, swings, benches, umbrellas, fountains, bird baths